Gel Ball Blaster M416, JIMI Automatic Splatter Ball Summer Water Toy with 50000+ Water Beads Drum Magazine Sight Goggle, Outdoor Activities Team Shooting Game

by tukiie
  • 🔫SUMMER OUTDOOR GAME CHOICE: This splatter ball blaster toy launches a biodegradable gel ball that split immediately after encountering an obstacle and disappears completely when dry and evaporate. It is a popular and safe toy for outdoor activities team game.
  • 🔫UNLIMITED GEL BALLS: We have added 51,000+ water beads with this gel ball blaster, so you don't have to worry about not having enough gel balls when you participate in group game and you can splurge on your happiness! It takes 3-4 hours to foam to 7-8mm, otherwise it may affect the playing. (Note: Random Color)
  • 🔫AUTO OR MANUAL MODES: This electric gel ball blaster has auto and manual mode to make it more safe and fun for your real experience. When you switch it to RIGHT, you need to load the water beads manually by pulling the ruler, one trigger one ball. When you switch to LEFT, you could enjoy the thrill of continuous firing.
  • 🔫RECHARGEABLE: Our automatic water ball has a front and rear aiming device and sight for precise shooting, two magazine for full amount capacity and a reusable and rechargeable battery and USB cable. The shooting range is up to 50 feet. Remember to full charge before use!
  • 🔫COOL GIFT FOR 14+: Shooting game is a fun, challenging and healthy entertainment for children and adult, which is beneficial for goal skills, observation and endurance. You must wear the goggles and start this group game. If there is any problem during use, contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.