Neck Massage Pillow Neck Shoulder Cervical Chiropractic Traction Device Massage Pillow for Pain Relief Body Neck Massager

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Type: Massage Pillow


Size: 22x17.5x12.5cm

Material: PU Polyurethane

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Color: Blue

Brand Name: DEDOMON

Application: NECK


Usage method
Friends, our products are made of PU.
1. Use hot water, the water temperature is lower than 55 ℃
2. Heat the pillow in hot water,
3. Dry the pillow, put it under the cervical vertebra, and sleep for 8 minutes

1.V-shaped curvature, support and fix the position of the cervical spine.
2.Press the pellets to relax the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine.
3.C-shaped opening, the downward pressure is elastic, resulting in deformation, and the support strength is enhanced.
4.Cervical vertebra guide groove, guide the correct posture when using.usage method

Usage method