Remote Control Snake Toy

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Perfect prank or pet toy - This toy is suitable for daily or Halloween pranks. Our remote control snake toy is very interesting and brings more surprises for boring life. It can be used to scare people or play with pets indoors or outdoors, it is also the perfect pet toy

Lifelike visual effects - The exquisite Python skin makes the snake toy look super lifelike; the retractable tongue and swinging tail make it feel more lifelike when you control it; the segmented body makes it have excellent sliding action, which brings a lot of fun to children or pets

Package list - 1 x Python Snake(4 AAA batteries, not included) + 1 x Remote control (3 AAA batteries, not included), remote control distance up to 8m (barrier free), please notice that the RC snake toy doesn't work on over-resistance carpets

Dimensions - The super simulation snake size 29.53 x 2.95 x 1.97 inch, perfect size for kids fun entertainment; The 29.53-inch-long snake is closer to the real python, stimulating children's senses, let's play and let children scream

Great gift - Remote control snake toy is a very interesting and attractive remote control toy, suitable as children's or adults' Halloween, Christmas, April Fool's day, birthday gift, can also be used as party fun. Or when you're bored at home with your pet, it's a great pastime pet toy